Environmental Commitment Statement

PDC Brush NV is committed to environmental sustainability throughout its operations. Our goal is to achieve continuous improvement in our environmental performance by internal goal setting, measuring progress and communicating results as well as urging our suppliers to be commitment to sustainability.

To be as successful as possible in our sustainability ambition, we will:

  • Comply with all environmental laws and regulations.
  • Communicate this Environmental Policy to all employees, customers and partners.
  • Make business decisions that align with our commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Reduce our environmental footprint by conserving natural resources, reducing waste and recycling.
  • Innovate products and processes that enable sustainability.
  • Review and revise the Policy and procedures when necessary.

We will prepare for the environmental challenges through decisions across all areas of the company. We invite our employees, customers and partners to enable our progress in environmental sustainability.



Highlights of our commitment:

Prevention of unsustainable product or packaging design:

  • Sustainable innovation and design.
  • Design for optimal use of raw materials.
  • Design for minimal or integrated packaging requirements.
  • Design for minimization of the amount of different types of raw materials per product.
  • Selection of low-impact raw materials.
  • Prevent the need for difficult or uncontrolled manufacturing methods.
  • Optimize storage conditions.

Minimization of raw material use during manufacturing:

  • Minimize reductive production processes.
  • Minimize the reduction of material in reductive production processes.
  • Minimize internal and external raw materials and finished goods logistics.

Reuse and recirculation of goods and products:

  • Selective reuse of by-products and parallel material streams.
  • Recirculation of off-spec materials.
  • Implement material upgrade methods for scrap materials.

Recycling and energy recovery:

  • Use of recycled raw materials.
  • Recover process energy.
  • Sustainable use of air and light.
  • Recovery of energy from residual materials.

Selective and separated disposal:

  • Optimize separation of waste.
  • Compaction of waste.
  • Avoid contamination of degradation of waste.
  • Optimize storage conditions.